Get to know me..




I photograph KILLER weddings, couples crazy in LOVE, &  INTIMATE family portraits. I am passionate about documenting real moments, real love, and real emotion. If you want to have a good time, hug it out, dance it out, snuggle, cuddle, and laugh really loud during your session, then I’m your girl.  If you want killer portraits, understand what it takes to get them, and are willing to let down your guard and let me in, then BOOM! I’M YOUR GIRL.

Let’s do this.





wife to a brilliant, artist, musician & chef

momma to four tiny, wild people

hike anywhere there are not snakes

sunshine obsessed

inspired by vulnerability

loud laughter

camper extrodinaire

serenty is found at the beach

feed me your wedding cake and we are besties for life

ice cream lover

lifetime movie obsessed

does not enjoy temps over 100 or temps below 75

terrible at public speaking

doesn’t understand people who don’t like chocolate



 Waking up. Loud Music unless im at a concert. Dessert that is not chocolate. People that do not read contracts. Dads that are not engaged during the session. Grooms that are not interested. Earthquakes. Heights. Board games. Packing. Unpacking. Doing dishes. Being cold. Being in the passenger seat.  Traditional posing. Bossy people. Cranky people. Matching outfits. Inquiries that tell me NOTHING about you. Pinterest pose lists…just don’t.